Help Save The Museum of Youth Culture

December 2021

The Heritage Funded collection needs your help to make a new permanent space a reality.

The Museum of Youth Culture has been preserving and celebrating British Youth Culture for 25 years now, collecting over 150,000 photographs and pieces of cultural ephemera which document and celebrate everything from post-war 1940s London to the Acid House movement of the late ‘80s.

A non-profit Heritage Funded collection, the Museum is widely considered to be the world’s biggest collection of youth culture specific material, with the organisation hosting pop-up exhibitions as well as storing its full collection of ephemera in Printworks, London.

But now, due to major works planned as part of the Canada Water Regeneration project, their space in Printworks is under threat. That’s where you could come in. The Museum is hosting a Christmas pop-up at a space on Shaftesbury Avenue from 9th December and has been offered the possibility of a long-term lease on the space. The space could be the museum’s new permanent home and feature an exhibition space, photographic darkroom, basement event space and honesty café. However, the Museum needs to be in a strong position to fight aggressive counter-offers for the lease from franchise restaurants and larger corporations who are also vying for the space.

To help the Museum of Youth Culture achieve their goal, head over to their Crowdfunder now where there is a range of options to help the Museum out from a £3 a week membership to a one-off £50 or more option where you get a copy of the Museum’s book Grown Up in Britain and a Museum poster. Your help could make the museum’s future safe.

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