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Made in Japan

August 2019

Superior-quality products and care in every stitch.

Constructed in Fukui's Hit Industry factory, our Japan-made collection fuses traditional Japanese techniques with innovative new technology. We check out the factory and find out how things have changed over the past 60 years.

Opened by Mitsugu Tanabe just after World War 2, the Hit Industry factory started off with just one small room, 3 sewing machines and a passion for American sportswear. Using his creativity and intuition, Tanabe went on to develop new sewing technologies, winning awards for his contribution to Fukui’s industrial development.

By the mid-1950s, Hit Industry specialised in sports gear, donating specialist baseball socks to every high school player in the national championships. By the ‘60s, they were supplying sportswear to Japan's Olympic team.

Today, the factory has around 200 employees and 500 machines, and is continuing to grow in size and skillset. Despite the company's progression, Hit Industry's values remain the same: superior-quality products and care in every stitch.

Stating quality and efficiency as the factory's core values, Hit Industry machinist, Nariaki Miyagawa describes how much the company has progressed over the years.

“The technology and efficiency have definitely advanced, but we maintain a high quality in everything we do, with good-spirit and teamwork.”

With a mix of specialist sewing machines and the latest technology, generations of skilled hands work together to create exceptional product.

Our Made in Japan collection is proudly manufactured in Tanabe's Hit Industry Factory.