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Fred Perry
Issue 02 2021

MAY 2021

We look forward to a more optimistic future, in our forever changed world. One filled with all the simple things we’ve missed so much; live music, basements heaving with friends all dancing to the beat, laughing with our loved ones.

And, so we pay tribute to Saturday nights and the joyful ritual of getting dressed, for we will all dance again, soon.

Saturday night is the shedding of the week’s skin, the rekindling of social adventure. We learn early, as teenagers to present a version of ourselves with a bit of personal sell, a touch of flash.

We put a Laurel on our chest to explain, tactically, that we are better dressed than the ones who don’t. Read our ode to the weekend and prepare yourself for fun times ahead.

Introducing a special collaboration with the Gorillaz, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s animated band who recently celebrated 20 years since the launch of their self-titled album. The band don the Fred Perry shirt on two covers for this issue – collect them both, and listen to their playlists. Stay tuned for more exciting news at fredperry.com/gorillaz

Fred Perry was the son of a cotton spinner, born in Stockport not far from Manchester – a proud city with no shortage of strong associations to ground-breaking music and subcultural style. It is Fred Perry heartland, and our new relocated shop which opens this spring has been designed to reflect the heritage of Affleck’s Palace, the unique style mecca in the Northern Quarter district, with the story of Fred and the future of the city.

The Road to Rave, our European series with Museum of Youth Culture started its journey in the Fred Perry Madrid shop in September. We retrace the rave convoy route across the continent, ending in our new Bristol shop in England.

We present our new collaboration with Goodhood, a meeting of minds between the independent retailer and Fred Perry who both share values in London subcultures and inclusivity.

Our latest collection with Belgian designer Raf Simons celebrates subcultures formed in local venues, people coming together for live music. The energy and freedom of youth.

Chazz Adnitt, Clare Muller, Edsel Uy, Ellis Scott, Jon Gorrigan

Alice Perera, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Brinkworth Design, Goodhood, James Anderson,
Leicester Pique, Museum of Youth Culture, Paul Flynn, Sean Griffiths, StudioSmall,
The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum