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Made in England

Words by Sonny Hall
Photography by Oliver Webb & Ryan Doyle
Directed by Sonny Hall
Technician - Oliver Matich
Talent - Sammie Yochelson, Jack Laver, Hak Baker, and Harvey Hall

London-born model and writer Sonny Hall shares intimate photographs of those closest to him, depicting their collective connection to Fred Perry and a snapshot of life growing up in England.

"Fred Perry has been a point of sense to me in the journey of my own expression, something that feels like home for me, from desiring it and finding a true familiarity in it since a young boy. I felt obliged to show what the brand signifies to me in the most intimate note I could conjure up.

Involved were people that I idolise and find solace in, in many forms - all sharing the same thread between them which is one of transparency and care to what is real in existing, especially growing up in London. My twin brother, Harvey. My fellow dreamer, Hak Baker. My oldest and dearest friend and fellow thinker, Jack Laver and his girlfriend, Sammie Yochelson, who also holds these nonsense-dismantling attributes. Here is a small insight to this feeling, this devotion, that we share."  Sonny Hall