How to Care for Your
Fred Perry Shirt

Illustrations by Hannah Woollam

Looking after your clothes is important. Not only does it make your favourite gear last longer, but it’s also better for the environment. Long-lasting clothes = less waste.

Take care of your Fred Perry Shirt with our handy guide and keep it looking sharp for future generations.

Do up the buttons and straighten the collar upwards, then turn inside out.

By prepping your Fred Perry Shirt before it’s washed, it’ll retain its colour and shape for longer. Happy days.

By washing your Fred Perry Shirt only when necessary, you’ll help to minimise wear and tear, plus help out the environment while you’re at it.

If you’ve been out dancing around at your local gig venue, wash it at 40˚c to get it really fresh.

If your shirt isn’t so dirty, wash it at 30˚c, or better yet, why not wear it again.

Seriously, this bit is important. After washing, gently re-shape your Fred Perry Shirt whilst it’s still damp.

Our original Made in England Fred Perry Shirts are made on a traditional machine in Leicester’s UK Piqué factory. This is the oldest machine we use at Fred Perry and so these garments need a little bit more TLC. By gently reshaping your shirt, it’ll hold its shape for longer.

Our M3600 and G3600 Fred Perry Shirts are made using modern technology and a more stable cotton piqué, but we’d still recommend reshaping whilst damp for an extra sharp finish.

A bit of an obvious one, but steer clear of the tumble dryer. It hates your clothes.

Hang your Fred Perry Shirts up inside out and either dry flat, or line dry in a shady spot. Et voila.

Favourite Fred Perry Shirt got a hole in it? Or a stain that won’t come out? Breathe new life into old garments and get creative with scissors, patches and tie-dye. (Check out our tie-dye guide here). All our shirts come with spare buttons, but get in touch with our customer services team if you need any extra.

Show us your reworked creations using #fredperryrecycle