Beaty Heart


Thursday 7th July 2011

Beaty Heart were formed in 2010 as a four-piece video-art and music collective based in Peckham, South East London.

After a year of bedroom recordings and strange and wonderful live sets. The Arts collective has now progressed into a  band.With their organic, percussive sound clash, with its use of lush samples and vocal loops they have been described as a mixture of Battles, Panda bear, Gang Gang Dance, Flying lotus and Konono No1. Their studio experiences this year have brought to the surface the underlying pop sensibilities their live show always contained.

They are now about to finish their time at university and pursue Beaty Heart as far as they can. Their debut release "2Good" is a glimpse into their new world, a place where their influences from the music of their youth such as afro beat, dub and soul can truly be heard. The release is the first 7 inch from the Machine Management run label Loose Lips Records and will be released on June 13th, the track has been remixed by their good friend and hotly tipped producer Jam City. '2Good' will be followed up by an EP which is now in the process of being recorded, and further touring around the UK and Europe. Beaty Heart wish to create worlds with their fresh and anarchic 'Psychedelic Drum Pop' and trap you all inside.

Standing in Front of Beaty Hearts first proper gig on a Friday night, it was hard to remember I was in a packed out, dark, sweaty room. My mind was elsewhere. Somewhere I imagine, amongst the cascading drums and thrilling melodies that had everyone dancing. Beaty Heart, four pretty faces from New Cross are just the right mixture of experimental and party.

India Volkers, Dazed and Confused

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