Birk Storm


Thursday 21st July 2011

Birk Storm is a 27 years old pop-electro/funk singer and producer from Denmark. In 2009 he produced and released his own debut "I Dont Care", and now he is ready with new material.

Birk Storm's debut was critically acclaimed by Danish media and he had 3 songs broadcasted on the national radio, where  2 of them were in the Danish movie "My Best Enemy".

The EP material is now ready, and it's time to go into the studio and finish his second album. Which will be published in spring 2012. It will contain 4-5 tracks produced by Birk Storm in collaboration with mixer Saqib (Malk De Koijn, Outlandish, BikStok Røgsystem) and René Cambony (Fallulah, Outlandish, Blue Foundation).

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