Chad Valley


Friday 8th July 2011

Chad valley is the celebrated solo guise of Hugo manuel. He also operates as frontman for Oxford, UK based quintet Jonquil and is a founding member of the Blessing Force collective.

Following Cascine's release of his sef titled debut EP last Autumn, there was a point where Chad Valley was the fourth most blogged ablut person on earth, having the opportunity to perform in Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest, Belgrade and Istanbul, supporting acts including Amiina, Twin Shadow and Foals.

In Equatorial Ultravox, Chad valley expands even further on his lush, entrancing sound. Hugo's voice feels like it's beyond a cloudy horizon, distant but warmly omni - present. The strong melodies and glistening samples have a certain buoyancy to them, giving the illusion that one could just float away into a distant paradise.


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