Crash & The Coots


Wednesday 13th March 2013

"Hill Rise" is the new EP from Crash & The Coots. It’s the follow up to our debut "John Coles Park" EP. These are the people we tried to rip off while we were writing this EP: Ringo Deathstarr, Those Darlins, The Growlers, Michael Jackson, Talking Heads, Neil Young, The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Lemonheads, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, Phil Spector.

The EP is named after the council estate in Chippenham where our dad grew up and as ALWAYS was recorded in a bedroom in our mum's house. We've brought in a lot of childhood influences to this EP (hence the title) such as Bob Dylan's questionable harmonica playing, as well as budget drum machines and Michael Jackson in all his magnificence.

Since the last EP Ewan has got no better at circuit bending – although he did build a circuit bent Keytar (which rocks) and features heavily on the EP. Even more of our equipment is broken. I don’t think we own a single fully functioning piece of gear. Which means that we were having to record things in awkward ways e.g. stitching takes together on logic, or one person holding the lead in the bass while the other one records the take. We've started sampling ourselves more on vintage samplers and we’ve also been using tape a lot… it didn't always work.

“Don't Kill Bugs” is the first track to be released... it's about as big of a statement as we will ever make. Come and get it on with us and Fake DIY/NEU at the last of their Hello 2013 gigs at the Old Blue Last on January 30th.

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