Fat White Family

SubcultureLive - 100 Club / Wed 26th July

Wednesday 19th July 2017

A chance to see one of the UK's most critically acclaimed, outspoken and controversial bands of recent times play at London's 100 Club. 

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Since their formation in 2011, London's Fat White Family have rejected conformity, divided opinion and challenged the establishment in a manner not seen since The Fall, Sex Pistols or Crass. 

Fat White Family released ‘Songs For Our Mothers’ the hair-raising, pulse-quickening and indignant collection of glitterball disco, smacked out psych, glam funk, heart-breaking torch songs and otherworldly slabs of Kraut n’ western in January 2016, it was hailed as the shot in the arm that independent rock has been ailing after. For if modern indie rock, DIY, alt-country is sick, then the Fat Whites are the pretty nurse with Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy, pushing down the plunger on the syringe; murdering the bed-ridden patient with a tainted injection right under everyone’s noses. They have witnessed an entire musical scene teetering on the verge of terminal irrelevancy and given it a hard shove void-wards. Fat White Family toured their incendiary live show around the globe for three years before signing to Domino Records this year and are now working on their third album.

Support comes from PreGoblin, AKA Alexander Sebley, credited as co-writer of Fat White Family's 'Touch The Leather'. PreGoblin recently filled the very well-received support slots for Moonlandingz, Insecure Men and Childhood.

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