Fear Of Men


Monday 11th July 2011
fearofmenmainreal2Fear of Men’s earliest songs began life as ambient compositions designed to accompany films and installations made by Jessica Weiss (Vocals and Guitar) as part of her Fine Art Degree at Goldsmiths. Her work was obsessed with the relationships between truth and fiction in the life of Anais Nin, and explored issues of ageing and mortality anxiety contained in J.M Coetzee’s ‘Elizabeth Costello’ and Fassbinder films such as ‘Fear Eats the Soul.’
After attending an exhibition of Jessica’s work, Daniel Falvey (Guitars) became interested in the way in which she addressed these themes with her music and, though the soundtracks were drenched in reverb and backed by drones, heard a pop sensibility and ear for melody contained within them. The two began swapping books and ideas, and a frantic mix tape exchange followed, which included such artists as The Chills, Grouper, Eric’s Trip, the Raincoats and Daniel Johnston. Shortly after this, in January of this year, the two began working together to demo pop songs on a temperamental cassette recorder borrowed from Goldsmiths.
Lin (Bass) was found when she came to view a spare room in Jess’ flat. She didn’t take the room but the two hit it off immediately and Lin got back to grips with the bass after first learning it in a progressive Danish primary school. The band was completed by Antony (Drums) just in time to learn the songs for a recklessly booked first show with Former Ghosts.
Fear of Men have only been a full band since February 2011 but have already released a tape of their earliest recordings through Brighton’s DIY label Sex is Disgusting entitled ‘Hanna Shygulla Demos’ which sold out in 2 days on pre order. Their debut single, Ritual Confession, is out on Italian Beach Babes Records in August.

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