Le Difference


Tuesday 30th September 2014

Le Diference are a Mexican band formed in April 2009. They define their sound as "a violent storm that suddenly goes away", and they're influenced by the music of the 60s Psychedelia, Post-Punk, Punk Rock, New Rave and Neo-Psychedelia.

Their debut EP entitled "Let's Dance To Evil” brought them gigs throughout the Mexico City area, ending their tour by opening for "The Horrors" at the Jose Cuervo Salon.

In 2011, under the production of Julian Navejas (Enjambre) Le Diference released their first album called "Hallucinations”.

After their successful first album, Le Diference evolved and took two years to record their second album entitled "Aconitum", which was produced by Gordon Raphael (legendary producer of The Strokes, Regina Spektor, etc).

Released in October of 2014, you can listen to some tracks on the band’s official website, including the lead single "Strixie" and the official video of it.


Band Website


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