Monday 4th July 2011

For those familiar with the work of Shane Meadows, more specifically This Is England, then you may remember a certain piece of beautifully constructed minimalism composed and performed by the Italian composer Ludovico Einauidi. With a career spanning over two decades, he has released an album compiled of his definitive pieces titled 'Islands'. A name surely chosen to capture the very essence that his music eludes.

Born in Turin, Italy, Ludovico Einaudi studied at the prestigious Conservatorio 'G. Verdi' in Milan where he underwent formal training in composition. Immediately after he went on to work with one of the most important composers of that time, Luciano Berio, assisting him on on a range of musical and theatre projects. This in turn helped him win a scholarship to Tanglewood Music festival in Massachusetts.

His list of achievements from film through to LP's trumps almost every modern day composer (John Williams aside, as he really is an exception). With 5 best film soundtrack awards from a list of ceremonies plus a BAFTA nomination, the accolade surrounding his name has gone from strength to strength. The real turning point in his career was with 'Le Onde', a new wave of instrumental pieces  performed by the man himself. Inspired by Virginia Woolf's novel 'The Waves'.

To the listener, each piece seems to ooze with simplicity, however, the list of influences he draws upon is anything but. From Brian Eno, Pink Floyd and the Cocteau Twins through to the more classical array of Phillip Glass and Steve Reich, then a swift journey to the worldly musings of Malian Kora, making such austere sounds from this amalgamation is nothing short of musical enlightenment.

If you can spare an hour in the gentle summer breeze, pop this in you stereo and let the ivories do the talking, you won't need to say a word.

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