Man Without Country


Tuesday 5th July 2011

Although having a name depicting “a sense of not belonging” such a concept does not relate to the band’s recent success, from playing at Moby’s ‘Destroyed’ launch party to Ken Thomas (Sigur Rós, M83) agreeing to mix their forthcoming album ‘Foe,’ 2011 has seen the duo from South Wales go from strength to strength.

‘Inflammable Heart,’ a teaser track available for free download from their new album, lends an answer for such success as well as a prophecy for the new material.

‘Inflammable Heart' is a haunting, swelling electronic landscape. Building to a cacophonous electro hook, it remains a mature, understated and purposeful piece, indicative of the band themselves whose live shows are atmospheric and shrouded in mystery reiterating the ominous nature of their name. Fans of the teaser should look out for the further debut single ‘King Complex’ from forthcoming album ‘Foe’, out August 15th. If this is going to be a standard British summer, ‘Man Without Country’ will be the perfect soundtrack.

Nick Otter.


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