United Kingdom

Saturday 23rd March 2019

The first track you played on repeat? And where did you play it?

Nancy Sinatra - Lady Bird

It was a toss-up between this and Dolly Parton's Jolene - I used to sit in the car as a child and listen to Nancy and Lee every day on a CD my Dad had.

A song from your favourite album? And what does this track mean to you?

Elia y Elizabeth - Ponte Bajo el Sol

I never get tired of this album, it's incredibly magical and nostalgic. Whenever I'm stressed or upset I listen to La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth to calm myself down.

A song from your most memorable gig?

Jane Birkin - Baby Alone In Babylone

I saw Jane performing the Gainsbourg Symphonic in September 2017, and cried pretty much throughout. A year later she performed this song at the Gucci show I did in Paris. When she stood up to sing in rehearsal I almost fainted.

A song that always gets you up and dancing?

Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body

Probably the best dance song ever...

A new song you're listening to? Why do you like this artist?

Surfbort - Dope

Surfbort are very sick and this song is uhhh dope.

Best song to turn up loud? And why?

audiobooks - Friends In the Bubble Bath

I've been hyping audiobooks from the very beginning, and Friends In the Bubble Bath is beyond catchy.

A song that defines the teenage you? And the memories it evokes?

Beach House - Tokyo Witch

Rainy winter days on the bus to school in Cornwall as a sad teenager.

An anthemic song? Why does it get your pulse racing?

Yves Tumor - Noid

This has to be the best song of 2018 no?

Best song to end an all-nighter?

Margo Guryan - Hold Me Dancin'

At my ideal party everyone would be dancing to this, but in reality everyone would leave and it would probably just be me and my friend jumping around to this insanely underrated banger. It's a good one to end on a high and put you in a good mood.

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