Name, where are you from?
We’re Patawawa and we are from Matlock in Derbyshire.

Describe your style in three words?
Sam: Trying 2look cool.
Rory: Stripes on stripes.
Beth: Denim time warp.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?
S: It might not be the ‘best’ gig I have ever been too but it was a memorable one! Me and my Dad went to V Festival about 8/9 years ago and Babyshambles were meant to play on the 4Music Stage around 4pm and, of course, they didn’t show, I suspected Pete and the others had been arrested on the way down or something like that… Anyways we’d heard a rumour they were gonna play a surprise set in this tiny tent about 10pm so we were hanging around not really knowing if anything was going to happen then all of a sudden Pete Doherty wandered on stage and this tiny tent was engulfed in seconds. It was a proper mad set, a tent full of indie lads off their heads on Strongbow and I just loved it, I was right into them at the time and well happy I got to see them!
R: Stevie Wonder headlining Bestival, I mean no explanation needed for that surely.
B: I saw Ibibio Sound Machine at the Harley in Sheffield (R.I.P). It was REALLY sweaty and dancey, they’re a great band and came down and met everybody afterwards and were just super sound!

If you could be on the line up with any two artists in history?
S: First up Jamiroquai – I’m just a really big fan of his and think we would be a perfect support! So many singalong bangers. Then maybe Chromeo. Super funky and super cool! I love these guys and love pretty much everything they do, I’d love to be on the same line up as these guys!
R: For me, Jocelyn Brown, I think she’s probably had the longest ever stint in my playlists with this tune and I’d go mental seeing it live and playing with her. And then Basement Jaxx, there’s videos and recordings floating about of a tour they did with a full orchestra and it blows me away every time I hear it, watching that from the side of the stage would be magic. 
B: Well Beyonce is my hero and obviously Kelly and Michelle are absolute babes too. So it would have to be Destiny’s Child. I would love to get super sassy with them on stage and nab all their incredible singing tips!

Which subcultures have influenced you?
S: For me Skater culture. Well whenever a fancy dress party crops up, I could never be arsed so people asked what I’d come as so I said a Skater, I used to skate all the time so it wasn’t much of a transition, sorry to all them fancy dress lovers.
R: Northern Soul has had a big impact on my music taste, the rest of my life is pretty middle of the road, uncool Granddad alert…
B: I used to be quite grungey, now I'm going out with a hippie and I'm in the band with a hipster and a potato so I dunno… I find subcultures a bit confusing.

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history?
S: It’s got to be Prince. He seemed like a super cool guy, I’d have loved to have had a pint with him!
R: I’d say Charles Bradley. He had an intense life before his short-lived music career, so I’m sure he would have had well over an hour of incredible stories, as well as an incredible voice to tell them in.
B: Well it would Erwin Schrödinger for me. I gotta lotta questions to ask him about quantum mechanics and I also need to punch him in the face for coming up with such a confusing equation to express wave function which ultimately led to my downfall at uni…

Of all the venues you’ve been to or played, which is your favourite?
S: We very recently played at the Liverpool Sound City Festival and played in a venue called 'Birdies Live Room' it was a stunning venue with a nice high raised stage, great dance floor and a balcony above. Plus we had an amazing show there with a very receptive crowd!
R: You can’t beat Monk Cellar
B: Yeah, another vote for the Monk Bar Cellar (again R.I.P). Thanks for nothing Kevlar.

Your greatest unsung hero or heroine in music?
S: I’d say ‘The promoter in the School of Rock film for getting 2000 people to a battle of the bands on a weekday morning’. I know I have stolen this but it still stands, incredible achievement.
R: My neighbours for only telling me to turn it down once a month
B: John Gill - If you’re ever wondering why so many kidz do music in Matlock it's all down to this legend. He's a music teacher, skiffle player extraordinaire and just generally a nice man.

Patawawa released their EP 'London, Paris, New York, Matlock' at the begining of May 2019, stream or purchase it at

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