Electronic Duo signed to Warp - Playlist & Interview

Monday 15th August 2016

patten - A left, D right.

Signed to Warp, a record label that is arguably a British icon in its own right, cutting edge duo patten are preparing to release their new album 'Ψ' (Psi) this September. Check out our playlist and interview below to find out more.

patten - 'Sonne' (Official Video) Directed by Matilda Finn

What is your name? Where are you from?
A: I'm A and this is D. D's from the UK & I'm from France originally. We both live in London. We have our studio on the outskirts now. It's really inspiring out here.

What do you do?
A: We make electronic music in our band, patten and release on Warp. We not long ago formed a creative group called 555-5555 where we work along with our friend Jane Eastlight more on design, images & video, things like that. This summer we launched an online store too - Lots coming soon through that. A while back we started an imprint called Kaleidoscope that we use to spread other people's stuff.

Describe your style in three words?
D: Five five five.

How should your music be listened to?
A: Every possible way is perfect. In love, crashed out, with friends, on headphones, in the car, in the club, staying in, at night, in the sun. We love that it becomes part of other people's lives out there once it's released. That's a big deal for us. It spins you out to think how many different experiences people will end up attaching to your music. It's an amazing thing to us.

What do you miss about home when you’re on tour? 
A: We're definitely at home wherever we happen to be. Touring is such a crazy time, you meet these really amazing passionate people all over the world making these shows happen. We come from a background of playing live a lot, so we're really looking forward to touring this record. We have some very special things planned for live. We're debuting the new show at Corsica Studios here in London on September 28th. It's a whole immersive AV thing with our performance framed by projections, visuals, lighting and a lot of intense programming.

What British music icons inspire your sound today?
Tricky, Cocteau Twins, Joy Division, Soul 2 Soul, Throbbing Gristle, My Bloody Valentine, Source Direct, Syd Barrett, Scritti Politti, A Guy Called Gerald, PiL, Sade it's an infinite list!

Listen to patten's playlist on Spotify:

What was the first song you played on repeat?
'Sade' - 'Ordinary Love'
A: We both have really strong early memories of music. Mine has to be Sade 'Ordinary Love'.  I remember that so much from growing up & it's stuck with me.  The music, her voice, the feeling is so addictive to me.

A song from your favourite album?
My Bloody Valentine - 'To Here Knows When'
D: It's hard to pick a single favourite album but Loveless by My Bloody Valentine is definitely up there.  Gonna choose 'To Here Knows When' for this. The way it's all mixed down is incredible - so deep.  It's like a 5 minute ambient noise record masquerading as a pop song.  The way it sort of melts down halfway through and just rides the crest.  Really such a beautiful track from a faultless album.

Song you wish you had written?
Sinead O'Connor - 'Nothing Compares 2 U' (written by Prince)
A: This song really hits hard and it's very minimal in every way. The way this came out with that video too was so crazy. Completely different for the time.  Couldn't be more direct at all. Add the fact that Prince actually wrote it - incredible.

A lyric that has inspired you?
This Mortal Coil - 'Late Night' (written by Syd Barrett)
"And the way you kiss will always be a very special thing to me"
D: Syd Barrett had a real skill for saying a lot with a little. It's definitely as much about how things are said as well as what's exactly said in music, especially pop, and with his songs even more so than usual. We've always found the This Mortal Coil version to be a really touching song, and the simplicity of that lyric carried so much weight. It's just perfect.

Four new bands you are listening to now, and why?

Jai Paul - 'Jasmine'
A: I guess a lot of people are holding out for the fabled official Jai Paul album - us too. There's a raw pop approach with his stuff that's so emotive and direct-feeling that you just sink in right away. All the demos released so far have been so special. Jai, where are you?

Death Grips - 'Hot Head'
D: We haven't seen the Grips live yet but are looking forward to catching them soon. All their tracks are super-energising and as a band they're really generous in the way they're focused on distilling that energy in an ultra-pure way. It's refreshing to hear something so real. You can feel it. We're excited to see where they take it next.

FKA twigs - 'Two Weeks'
A: FKA twigs is a really special rare kind of artist. The whole thing from videos to stage and records is like one artform. We're really drawn to that in what we do - that weird hybrid thing that comes across between all the pieces - sound, images, videos… it's so powerful and strange. Definitely like a type of art in itself. 

Micachu And The Shapes - 'Oh Baby'
D: Everything we've heard by Mica Levi is pure gold. She's a real force across a real range of forms. The last record with the Shapes is so pared down and full of feeling. It has this rare slow motion, heavy blissed out vibe like some of those strange private press 60s psych records by bands like US69 or even like early Pink Floyd. Pretty amazing.

Instagram: @patttten
Twitter: @patttten


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