Tuesday 5th July 2011

Currently touring with our favourite Texan post rock clique 'Trail Of Dead'  are an assembly of slightly newer Texan shoegaze chums known as 'Deathstarr', hot on the heels of my 'My Bloody Valentine' to steal the thunder of their pitch bending antics.

Listening to Ringo Deathstarr starts to bring up certain questions on the mystery of repeating trends and fashion. In the 2000's we were transfixed on the sounds of the 80's. Now we are firmly into the decadent years we remember the appeal that is the 90's. It seems that when twenty years pass from a certain decade, we get the sweats and immediately need to recreate a time in life that has managed to indadvertedly slip through our fingers. Cue Deathstarr and the release of their new compilation album 'Sparkler' due out on the 25th of this glorious summer month.

Fuzing their initial 5 track EP  with follow up single 'In Love / 'Summertime' plus two extra tracks has created the birth of this new compilation. Comparing an American vocalist to Ian curtis does feel a tad abstract, however, the way in which Elliot Frazier utilises his voice does sit nicely within that parallel. Although the meaning behind the two droning tones differ in varying degrees. Elliot has an air of melancholy that nestles within the fuzz of distorted guitars outlined by clean single string lead. Alex Gehring contributes significantly to the dreamy haze, breaking the reverb and serving as a slice of homely pleasure.

To say this is the type of band that the world needs in a time of synth madness is an understatement. Wanting to travel and discover instead of dance around in skinnies is a compliment of the highest order. Perhaps it is just the time of year that calls for such reflection, or it is simply the imagery that is depicted through their wistful ways. Trust sadness to make us happy. Currently working on their second album due for distribution January 2012 and touring around Europe, this compilation is a necessary requirement for the impatient fans among us. Sit back, listen and dream.


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