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This Year's Best Music Releases - Part Two

Friday 22nd December 2017

Political discontent amongst disaffected youth has historically always been a fertile breeding ground for creativity and music, and in that sense 2017 has most certainly delivered.

Back in January, we predicted 2017 would be the year of the British guitar band and that seems to have certainly come to fruition, Subculture favourites of old and the new wave of British talent have cohesively developed the musical landscape without losing sight of what has come before.  

Below is part two of a two-part series on what Fred Perry Subculture has crowned 2017's best musical moments. In no specific order.

Liam Gallagher - As You Were (Album)

A welcome return for the self-professed rock n roll star. This eagerly awaited debut solo album did not disappoint Liam's legion of devoted fans and his trademark witticisms and insults have scarcely left the music tabloid's headlines all year.

Don't forget to check out our Ten Best Musical Moments from LG too.

The Blinders - Brave New World (Single)

Released cunningly on America's Independence Day, the Doncaster trio described this single as "The dystopian anthem of the Idiot King." This, coupled with the Huxley reference, show you that The Blinders aren't ones to shy away from making a statement.

Following an incredible in-store performance in Nottingham, we got a playlist from the band which you can read here.

Paul Weller - A Kind Revolution (Album)

Another impressive record from the one and only Paul Weller, incredibly, this was his 13th as a solo artist. Even more impressive when you consider he also soundtracked the British Boxing movie Jawbone (by Johnny Harris) in a year where you'd forgive him for resting on his laurels slightly due to the 40th anniversary of The Jam's first two albums.

We selected Ten Essential Singles to celebrate.

Yak - All I Need Is Some Sunshine My Life (Single)

Yak returned with new music for the first time since their acclaimed 2016 debut 'Alas, Salvation' in September with this "delirious" cover of the Dixie Nightingales track.

The original was recorded in the mid '60s on the Stax Records Gospel subsidiary label called Chalice. Whilst Yak's reimagining has been beautifully produced by Tame Impala's Jay Gum Watson at Kevin Parker’s studio in Perth.

The Charlatans - Different Days (Album)

Another fantastic record from one of the Manchester scene's most enduring artists. featuring an array of collaborators like Paul Weller, Johnny MarrAnton Newcombe and members of New Order and The Verve.

We chose Five Defining Singles from The Charlatans catalogue to celebrate the release of their 13th studio album.

Idles - Brutalism (Album)

At a point of uncertainty, Idles bring you concise carnage. The opening statement on Idles website and that is exactly what the Bristol punk / post-punk 5-piece have done with their very aptly titled and blistering debut album.

We got a Playlist with frontman Joe ahead of the albums release back in March. Check it out here.

The Big Moon - Love In The 4th Dimension (Album)

Following the excitement that had been steadily building around The Big Moon over the previous year or so, the London quintet delivered this acclaimed debut album back in April. it managed to capture the excitement, fun and chemistry apparent at their live shows and retain their lo-fi sensibilities.

Don't forget to check out Juliette's Playlist for us too.

Goat Girl - Crow Cries (Single)

Goat Girl bided their time releasing their second single on Rough Trade following the intese hype that followed their debut, but it was well worth the wait.

A large amount of time was spent on the road playing their gutteral indie to audiences across the UK. Which included a fantastic performance at SubcultureLive supporting The Fall at the 100 Club, London in July.

The Horrors - V (Album)

The ever evolving Horrors have gone nearly full circle with V, not so much in that it sounds like their first couple of records but more that it's unnerving and ominous in nature. Whilst still retaining the kraut, psych, shoegaze and retro pop stylings of their later releases.

Read our interview/playlist with bassist and multi-instrumentalist Rhys Webb here.

PINS - Bad Thing (EP)

Raucous Manchester quintet and Subculture regulars Pins returned in March with this EP which features a collaboration with Iggy Pop. The track 'Aggrophobe' is narrated by Iggy, who's sultry, iconic voice is lent perfectly to the spoken word verses throughout the song.

Check out our playlist with Pins here.

Baxter Dury - Prince Of Tears (Album)

Filled with funky basslines and French synths, with guest appearances from Sleaford Mods Jason Williamson and former Pipette Rose Eleanor Dougall has been a bit of a sleeper hit since it was released in October.

Baxter performed many of the album's tracks at a special preview show for Fred Perry SubcultureLive at the end of August as we let Heavenly Recordings take over The 100 Club, London.

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