The Black Keys - El Camino


Friday 2nd December 2011

Only a year after their 2010 effort 'Brothers', The Black Keys have humbled us with a new offering "El Camino'. We were somewhat sceptical about hearing material, potentially throw away make a quick buck material, riding off the success of their aforementioned album. Silly to think though really, considering the fact they have been growing ever stronger as a band, giving us some really top notch post rock blues for quite some years now. Being fans, as, every music loving person should be, we went into this one, fingers crossed. Ha! We really didn't need to do this though, as, if you have heard it, we can all be honest in saying, this is their best yet!

Over the last ten years, The Black Keys have cemented themselves as a solid staple for those wanting that all American deep southern fused rock blues sound. Just having this on the headphones is creating an overpowering urge to jump out the window, into an open roof cruiser, neatly landing into a leather jacket and Ray Bans, with a Zippo handed over from an attractive lady to light one of many to be smoked cigarettes. This is the imagery conjured and one that is giving overpowering urges in the old noggin to actually turn into reality.

Everything you want from the boys is here in abundance. Solid riffs breaking up verses, acting as chorus' are utilised throughout. Now, when you don't do chorus', what do you do? Throw in heavy momentum building distorted lead flurries and tripled vocals...and claps, you bet! Remember when Blur came out with 'Song 2'? How dance around the room, on the furniture screaming like a nutter it was? Well, this is an album filled with song 2's. The one exception being  'Little Black Submarine'. A delicate number of acoustic and soft, clear vocals. Oh, this doesn't last long though. They want to show they still have a softer side, but that animal rears its distorted head one verse in giving us that punchy lead we all know and love.

There are definite elements of The White Stripes in here. One can only imagine how they would sound with Jack in the band. It won't be hard to for The Black Keys compile a greatest hits. They just need to use this album.

'El Camino' is out December 6th in all good record stores.


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