The Fall

New Album 'New Facts Emerge'

Tuesday 27th June 2017

The Fall formed in Manchester in 1976 and has existed ever since. Built around its founder and only constant member, Mark E. Smith, the group's music has gone through several stylistic changes over the years but is often characterised by an abrasive guitar‐driven sound and frequent use of repetition, always underpinned by Smith's distinctive vocals and often cryptic lyrics.

It would be difficult to name many other acts who have so deftly woven through the last four decades; constantly reinventing and defying classification whilst maintaining that elusive air of credibility.

The Fall's current line-up is Mark E. Smith (lead vocals), Peter Greenway (guitar, synth, backing vocals), Dave Spurr (bass, Mellotron, backing vocals) and Kieron Melling (drums).

Renowned for their astonishingly prolific output, The Fall's new record 'New Facts Emerge' will be their 32nd studio album to date.

'New Facts Emerge' will be released on Cherry Red Records on Friday 28th July 2017. The eleven track album was produced by Mark E. Smith and Kieron Melling and will be available on CD and as a Limited Edition vinyl.

01. Segue
02. Fol De Rol
03. Brillo De Facto
04. Victoria Train Station Massacre
05. New Facts Emerge
06. Couples Vs Jobless Mid 30s
07. Second House Now
08. O! ZZTRRK Man
09. Gibbus Gibson
10. Groundsboy
11. Nine Out Of Ten

The Fall will perform a sold-out show on Thursday 27th July 2017 for SubcultureLive at the iconic 100 Club in London.

For you chance to win tickets to the show, enter our competition here.

The Fall performing 'Dedication' at SubcultureLive. November 2014.

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