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Thursday 2nd April 2015

The Rifles have come a long way since their first, self-financed single, ‘Peace & Quiet’, released from their own front rooms in Walthamstow, London back in 2005. 

Celebrating 10 years since the birth of the band, a deluxe edition of the band’s debut album, No Love Lost, is due for release 4th May. Preorder here.

Digitally re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios, and featuring B-sides from single releases, as well as unreleased bonus material from studio sessions, No Love Lost is a culmination of the band’s trademark Mod, rock n' roll, and timeless indie pop sound. 

Inspired by the likes of The Clash, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and The Specials, the reissue of debut album No Love Lost has prompted The Rifles to put together this exclusive playlist for Fred Perry Subculture.

The band stated, 'This playlist is on the theme of country music. We love the storytelling aspect of country music. While obviously deep in American roots, the concept relates to our band and a good story never gets old. Enjoy!'


1. Tom Petty - Southern Accents
I love this song, it has a real sense of truth and how the environment where you're born and raised has an influence on who you are!

2. Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
I hear this song as a country song at its roots lyrically. I think it comes straight from country music, but The Stones took it somewhere else, in a good way.

3. Bob Dylan - Shelter from the storm
Just a beautiful song, need I say more.

4. Imagine dragons - I bet my life
I heard this recently and just liked the vibe. 

5. Glen Campbell - Guess I'm Dumb
I thought that the line was 'I Guess I'm Done', which really made an impact on me - it sounded so final, but the song is just great.

6Nirvana - Where did you Sleep Last Night (Unplugged in New York)
I love the way he sings this song - so much emotion, and at the end he just lays his heart out! Wow, they don't make them like this anymore. 

7. Johnny Cash - Walk the Line
I think Johnny was ahead of his time when he wrote this song. When everyone else was saying I could never look at another person to love because I only have eyes for you, Cash was saying yeah I'm not perfect and I do have urges to do some wrong things but because you're mine I'll walk the line.

8. Woody Guthrie - This Land is Your Land
The man who inspired Bob Dylan to write. This song was amazing for its time - Woody believed that we all share this world together, regardless of race or wealth, at a time when people were told they could not share the same space because of the colour of their skin! 'This land is your land this land is our land'!

9. Joan Baez - North Country Blues
Bob Dylan's version is great, but for me the female vocal on this is so powerful it really tells the story in a way that a male voice can't. 

10. Bob Dylan - Masters of War
Poignant and uncompromising Bob at his best, just laying the truth out and really saying something in a way that only he can! 

11. John Lennon - Working Class Hero
Just sums up the everyday man/woman. He was right, it takes a real hero to go out every day and work your arse of to feed your family and never get praised or rewarded. They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool!

12. Neil young - Southern Man
It's Neil Young - just listen to it.

13. Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing
One of the first songs I ever heard. Just amazing feel and guitar playing! Always remember the line 'London Town' and it made me feel special.

14. Nick Drake - River Man 
This song feels very spiritual to me - so soothing, like hot soup when you have a cold, or a hot fire on a cold day. Healing powers are within this song!

15. Nick Cave - Into My Arms
Heavy vocal that just hits my heart. Nick Cave fascinates me.

16. Beck - Lost Cause
This song just make me want to cry because I think we are all lost at some point! We are all cast out into this world to find our way and sometimes we get lost.

17. Johnny Cash - The Mercy Seat
This is a cover of a Nick Cave song but this version for me just hits the bone. A story of a man on death row waiting to be executed. The lyrics are just brilliant! 

18. Jake Bugg - Country Song
I just like this song.

19. Tom Petty - American Girl
You can hear a lot of songs influenced from this, such as The Strokes! It's got the vibe.

The band will perform No Love Lost in its entirety plus all the B-sides at three shows at the Electric Ballroom, Camden on Thursday 4th, Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June. Tickets here


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