Baxter Dury

SubcultureLive - 100 Club / Weds 30th August

Wednesday 16th August 2017

Baxter Dury + The Orielles

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The son of punk hero Ian Dury, Baxter Dury has been part of British countercultural history since the age of five when he appeared on the cover of one his father's albums. Ahead of the release of his fifth album through Heavenly Recordings (in the UK), Baxter Dury will play London's iconic 100 Club, a venue synonymous with the rise of British punk and subculture.

The new album promises to further Baxter Dury's strong reputation for intelligent, honest and considered pop music. The singer explains the inspirations behind the album's emotional content: 

“You can have loads of ideas or get all political, but actually there’s nothing more simply damming than heartbreak and nothing else is more life-changing. You could get shot and split up with your girlfriend in the same week and you’d still think about your girlfriend. So that happened, but I used it. Last year was tough, so I just spent my time concentrating on this, nothing else."

Feeling confident about his new songs, Baxter goes on to state:

“But I really like this record. My old man once said of a friend of mine: ‘Your friend has got pronoia. It’s the opposite of paranoia, it’s when you suffer from thinking everything is too brilliant.’ Well I’ve got a nice case of pronoia at the moment.”

Live support on the night will come from emerging Halifax trio The Orielles whose acclaimed DIY ethic and reinvigorated indie sound scored them a deal with Heavenly. The band recently released their single 'Only Bought It For The Bottle' and also sold out headline London gigs at The Social and The Finsbury.

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