Fred Perry Subculture Live at The 100 Club


Thursday 27th July 2017

Written by Shannon Cotton

The Fat White Family cook up a sordid yet spellbinding storm.

Fat White Family’s ability to impart just the right amount of sleaze and filth without leaving you grabbing for the nearest bar of soap is undisputable, and last night at the 100 Club, they were lapped up by the raucous crowd.

Support for the evening came from the entrancing PreGoblin, complete with live band and guest vocalists, while a steady Northern Soul rhythm underpinned the night played out by Rough Trade DJs, Ben Ayres, Richie Deeney and Luke Turner from Quietus in-between performances.

Alex Sebley, co-writer of ‘Touch the Leather’, is the perfect warm up for the frenetic Fat Whites, veering across genres with juddering keys, crashing guitars and commanding vocals.

Fat White Family possess all the vigour of a white-knuckle ride, and this is evidenced none more so than during the soaring ‘Whitest Boy on the Beach’. Every member on stage is so captivating it’s hard to know where to look, but it always seems to come back to Lias. He overlooks a sea of limbs as he writhes around on stage with the snaking bassline of ‘Touch the Leather’ slithering through the basement venue. It’s a very intimate setting for the group, whose cult-like performance is only heightened by Lias’ shamanic sensibilities.

Instructing the crowd, he is a natural leader and instigator of the frenzied chaos ensuing, proved by how many people jump through the air during their performance. From the salacious lyrical content in ‘Garden of the Numb’ to the jaunty guitar hook in ‘Bomb Disneyland’, their exhilarating stage show is totally hypnotic.

As the band put down their musical weaponry, Lias teases, “See you next year,” departing the stage, and leaving behind a baying and hungry crowd – it’s a promise met with both anticipation and impatience but it does nothing to waver the sheer devotion to the band from the onlookers.

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