Only Real

Young west Londoner Niall Galvin

Sunday 12th May 2013

Only Real, aka young west Londoner Niall Galvin, released his debut single ‘Backseat Kissers' on back in January 2013 on ASL Records,  then unveiled follow-up track ‘Blood Carpet’. Combining a laid-back old school hip-hop feel with blues-tinged guitars and wittily discerning, rapid-fire rhymes, ‘Blood Carpet’ is yet further testament to Only Real’s charisma-packing blend of raw grittiness and cheeky fun. 

Now, Only Real has made brand new track 'Take It From Me' available for free download. The track sees Niall Galvin put down the guitar for 5 minutes for a quick freestyle over a classic 90's hip-hop instrumental, 'Lord Finesse - Money Talks'

Only Real first came to notice following tracks such as ‘Cinnamon Toast’ and ‘Cadillac Girl’ which captured imaginations with their combination of clever rhymes and catchy choruses, delivered in Niall’s distinctly gravelly voice to the backdrop of soulful harmonies and jangly pop.

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