If you are the purchaser and wish to return your online order, please bring the following documentation along with your item to one of our USA shops: email order confirmation (which includes order details and payment details), delivery & returns note included with your order, proof of your identity and the card which you made payment with. All of these must correspond to the billing address.

Please note, we cannot offer cash refunds for online purchases.

Goods returned must be unworn, in a saleable condition with tickets attached with a valid proof of purchase.

If you have purchased an item online using PayPal or American Express you cannot return your order in store. Please return your item via UPS.

If you are exchanging your purchase for a lower priced item, the price difference will be refunded onto your card. Similarly, if you wish to exchange your purchase for an item of a higher price you will be required to pay the difference.

If the purchase was made by someone else - for example, you received the item as a gift - you will only be able to exchange your online purchase in store. Please bring the delivery & returns note included with your order and proof of your identity, which must match the delivery address. You will only be able to exchange your item for the same price or higher (and pay the difference) - no money can be refunded to you.

If you are unable to present your delivery & returns note and proof of your ID/address, you will only be able to exchange your item to the current selling price or higher (and pay the difference). You will not receive money back if you choose to exchange for a lower priced item.


Please note that any item purchased online which you believe to be faulty cannot be returned to a Fred Perry shop. Please contact the Customer Service department by sending an email to ecommerce@fredperry.com 

You can only return online purchases in the following USA shops:

Boston, New York (Wooster Street & Grand Street)