Since 2016, ‘slim fit’ and ‘regular fit’ Fred Perry Shirts from the Authentic collection have been replaced by a single refined fit.

Historically, we’ve only had one fit of Fred Perry shirt: a streamlined silhouette and a focus on lightweight functionality.
By removing the M1200 option, we can keep things simple and have the best fit possible on our Authentic shirt.

The new refined fit is a product of our customers’ feedback – it’s a more flattering shape and the additional XXXL size allows for all customers to have the perfect fit.

If you want to maintain the same fit, we recommend that you try a size up in the M3600, as it is straighter in shape. If you are happy with a slim fit, your size will remain the same.

The differences between our M12 and M3600 are subtle:
The M12 is truest to our original Fred Perry shirt, designed by Fred himself and slightly boxier in shape.
We continue to make it in England and the colours often reference our archive.
The M3600 is based on the M12, however with a few tweaks. It has a slightly finer pique and grown on placket, giving the shirt a contemporary feel.