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True to his name, KDVSGOLIATH is setting out to conquer the world of music. With live performances channelling inhuman levels of energy, demand for KD is rapidly growing in the UK. A truly versatile artist, the 20-year old rapper flits between heavy, 808-laden beats and acoustic ballads effortlessly.

There is no artist quite like KDVSGOLIATH. More than just a hot commodity, he is hell-bent on overcoming any obstacles that the music industry may throw at him, no matter the size. His unique sound conforms to no mainstream standards; KD is not afraid forge his own path, varying between crowd-moshing hits like ‘Keen’ and laid-back, heart-on-sleeve tracks in ‘Blame it on Me.’

Ethiopian-born, West London-hailing, his sound has navigated itself from the confines of his bedroom to fans across the country. From YouTube-downloaded beats to the highest quality of studios, this is only the beginning of what is becoming an astronomical projection. KDVSGOLIATH finds inspiration in anything, claiming that ‘there’s beauty in anything that leaves the human mind in the form of art.’

The mission for greatness is a long, arduous task, yet KD’s intentions are pure: ‘My purpose in life is to love like Jesus did, to guide the broken and heal the sick.’ Complimented with a distinct hit-making talent, there seems be no end to his creativity.

Armed with more than just a stone catapult, no Goliath can topple this King David in his quest for world domination.

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