Where are you from?
We're both from South Eastern suburbs of London. We spend most of our time in our tiny studio in beautiful Penge though.

What do you do?
We're lucky enough to be doing music full time at the moment. But Rich used to be a roofer and I used to work in insurance. We have been moving around quite a lot of late, we finished our first tour in October and are currently writing this in our grim hotel room in Ho Chi Minh.

Describe style in 3 words?
Ever Changing Moods.

If you could make a record with anyone from history who would it be?
Richard's is Otis Redding, he can do a pretty good version of '(Sitting On The) Dock Of The Bay' as it goes but hasn't learnt to whistle so he can't do the bit at the end yet. I think I would choose Neil Young, I've had a weird obsession with ‘On The Beach’ for a while now. I listened to it on the way to my last day at work, it felt like quite a "two fingers up to the man" moment.

What do you miss about home on tour?
Not being forced to listen to crazy 90's metal music. We go on the road with our good mate and tour manager Joe, he is still trying to convince us metal is the way forward. Apart from that not much, walking the dog and lie-ins.

What's the best gig you have ever been to, pick a track too?
Glastonbury 2014 was emotional. My mate cried at Blondie and he doesn't even like them. There were about 20 of us so it was non-stop hysterics and madness. To be fair we can't remember even watching much music but Brian Jonestown Massacre were quality - Rich was down to his pants and wellies by the end of 'Anemone'.

What British music icon inspired your sound today and pick a track?
Richard Hawley has affected my guitar playing the most. I don't think I realised guitars could sound that good until I listened to him. Some of the guitar tones he gets are just beautiful. Sometimes if I'm struggling to sleep I put on 'The Only Road' and try to zone out.

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history who would it be and why?
Bruce Lee. Ask him where he gets his barnet cut and maybe show him a few moves.

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