Thursday 21st July 2011

A summer day of 2009, in a quiet terrace on the carefree city of Cadiz, three guys are playing guitars before the curious gaze of some young tourists. Suddenly a sharp and intense solar beam falls from the sky and shows them the way: to do something sexy, original and fun with their lives. True to that feeling, they move to Barcelona immediately to create BLÄUE.

So Josep Comas, Jaume Casals, Gerard Alba, Bernat Mestres, Adrià Casas and a strange guy called "the spontanious", start to form a band who must be as eclectic as the postmodern and international airports. Its members, restless and curious self-taught, not just love all kinds of women, but also cover all types of musical references. Their sound makes free incursions on post-punk, tropical pop, psychedelia, folk, regaetton, jazz manouche, bossa nova or even rockabilly. They sing in several languages ??(catalan, spanish, french and english) and have a shocking live show, colorist, full of light and irony, and above all very entertaining.

In less than two years, after more than fifty concerts, having won at the most prestigious competition for new bands that exist in the region of catalonia (the Sona 9), BLÄUE has made ??a name in the catalan music scene and seeks niche in the national and international levels, that recently have been invited to participate in the International Music Fair of  Vila-Seca and they will go as guests at the prestigious independent tents of the Glastonbury Festival. They have a debut EP, soon take out a video clip of the song  "Banana Fish”, and work on creating a debut LP with the producer Paco Loco, curiously in the same place where it all started: Cadiz, which goes on sale around the month of March 2012.

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