Eddie Piller


Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Eddie Piller

What do you do?
I am a DJ, writer, sometime record producer and soul music broadcaster

Where are you from?
I was born in East London but have lived in Harlow for the last 25 years

Describe your style in three words?
Acid Jazz Mod

If you could have signed one music artist in history - who would it be?
This is an interesting question because I DID sign and produce the biggest selling UK artist of the 1990's, Jamiroquai...but if I could choose, it would be an artist that I tried very hard to sign in the mid 1990's. His name was Gil Scott Heron and after a long negotiation and some time in the studio, he signed to an American label at the last minute. I never really got over that!!!

Which British music icons have influenced you?
Paul Weller - Bullrushes...This was included on Paul's first post-Style Council album; The Paul Weller Movement. It was recorded during his Acid Jazz period and we had been spending a lot of time together. His ability to change and evolve while keeping true to his roots has never ceased to amaze me. Had it not been for hearing The Jam's 'All Around The World' back in 1978, my life would have taken a completely different path. To break up the band at their peak and to forge ahead with the progressive soul of The Style Council was a genuine stroke of genius.

Steve Marriott - My mother ran the Small Faces fan club in the 1960's and I have always loved Marriott's style and soul - The track would have to be Autumn Stone. Simply breathtaking.

Best gig you have ever been to?
This is almost impossible for me to answer because I have been doing music for a living since I left school in 1980. It could be when I was on stage in front of 80.000 people with the Brand New Heavies at Wembley Stadium, possibly when Stevie Wonder, Hamish Stewart and Herbie Hancock jumped on stage with them for a jam at Ray Charles birthday party or when Paul Weller's mum made me walk out on stage in front of 6,000 people and lead the crowd in a chorus of Happy Birthday for her son! But without being a shameless name dropper, it was either The Jam at the Marquee in 79 or The Stone Roses at Dingwall’s for their first London show in the late 80s.

Eddie Piller is a legendary DJ and co-founder of record label Acid Jazz. Eddie was pivotal in the UK's Northern Soul scene and is known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of Soul and his ability to spin the rarest of grooves. You can catch him at any of the events below: 

Soul Box
At Old Street Records - first Saturday of Every Month.

Pussycat Got Soul
Last Thursday of the month at the Owl and Pussycat Redchurch Street.

The Eclectic Soul Show
Every Thursday on Soho Radio at 4pm (or anytime Mixcloud).

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