I Am Noxious


Thursday 21st July 2011

I Am Noxious is a one man project written, recorded and produced by 25 year old T. 

Generally this project is a result of pure joy to music and the passion of fooling around with different keyboards, plugins, samples and what ever works as percussion all recorded in the living room. Same old story of 2011. I Am Noxious is a recording/songwriting project and there are no plans on going live... So far.

I'm from a family with an out of tune piano which I never learned to play, I play the drums and I once attented a boys church choir. I Am Noxious is a playground where all genres can meet up and have fun. To me musical taste doesn't come as a cheese burger or a Michelin gourmet dinner - It's all about eating what you wanna eat, where ever you want to eat it. I mix Fleet Foxes and The Macarena Song to create a song, grab what I think is cool and beautiful and combine it with something that some find cheesy and over the top. The aim is to make the obvious and naive melody move something in the listener - May that be the feet or the mind. 

I'm very much inspired by the songwriting of Stephin Merritt (The Magnetic Fields), the production of Hot Chip and the simplicity and downright recordings of James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem. I wanted this to end up somewhere inbetween Britney and The Notwist. I guess...

In 2010 the cover of Black Eyed Pea's monster hit single "I Gotta Feeling", created quite a stir on blogs around the world and it entered the hypem.com Twitter Chart no. 1. So in the fall of 2010 I Am Noxious was signed by Danish indie pop label Easy Tiger Records. The debut single "Flashback Tears" was released in March 2011 and was soon picked out by The New York Post on a list of "20 Must Have Songs This Spring" amongst artists like Lykke Li, Joan As Police Woman and Oh Land. The video also entered the Top 10 on Danish video chart, Chartbase.dk, in Spring 2011.

Right now I'm mixing my debut album with a dear friend of mine and hopefully there will be a release later this year. Fingers crossed.

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