Tuesday 26th July 2011

A dark evening, a smoggy Stoke Newington Road, an appropriate underground bar and the psychedelic stylings' of LA SHARK. When passing through London on a weekend, you never quite know what haunt you will end up in or what band you will wind up dancing along to on your exploits. Lucky for this Subculture reporter it ended up being LA SHARK, an east London band with Parisian expectations and owner of possibly the most flamboyant frontman to have graced our stages in a very long time.

Samuel Geronimo Deschamps doesn't just own any room he plays in, he commandeers it, holding it hostage under an impenetrable spell. To not be captivated by 3 minute long handstands, writhing floor jives and intimate one to one renditions is nigh on impossible. All of this however would be unattainable to achieve if it wasn't for the precision of the musicians behind him, hitting every note acutely in time with the other. Not an easy feat for an outfit with a catalogue of tracks with distinctly difficult time signatures. What sets this band apart from the hundreds of other aspiring newbies is raw passion! Not only that, but they have intelligence by the bucket load. Sam's choice of words evokes thoughtful imagery, making you contemplate even the simplest of observations. Choosing to jump into the crowd for a full on party, Sam won't let the audience have all the fun, and why should he?! Music this frivolous shouldn't be so technically sound, but it is, and we love it!


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