United Kingdom

Monday 6th May 2019

The first track you played on repeat? And where did you play it?

The Smiths - Panic - 2011 Remaster

One of my earliest memories of any music is hearing this in my dad's car. I remember playing it on repeat every time I got in the car. Screaming "hang the DJ" as loud as I could, never understanding why.

A song from your favourite album? And what does this track mean to you?

Oasis - Live Forever - Remastered

When I first listened to 'Definitely Maybe' I fell in love with it straight away. Even after the first time of listening to the album I remember thinking that 'Live Forever' is the greatest song ever written.

A song from your most memorable gig?

The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored - Remastered

The Stone Roses at Wembley Stadium- I will never forget the chaos when they walked on stage. As soon as Mani played the first notes the entire stadium became one colourful, Smokey bass guitar.

A song that always gets you up and dancing?

Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

It's just amazing, it makes any fan of Arctic Monkeys go mad and want to have a dance. It's so aggressive and raw, it's driven so heavily by the drums and bass that you can't help but lose yourselves to the beat.

A new song you're listening to? Why do you like this artist?

Black Honey - Blue Romance

Black Honey are amazing, their music is so catchy and easy to identify. They have an almost dark and mopey feel to them which I absolutely adore. I think 'Blue Romance' is a perfect example of their distinctive and original sound.

Best song to turn up loud? And why?

Oasis - Morning Glory

I can listen to this anywhere at anytime, it just has to be very loud! Something about how much distortion and overdrive is paired with the thick bass line means it MUST be played loud.

A song that defines the teenage you? And the memories it evokes?

Joy Division - Atmosphere

As a teen I had nothing to do other than sit on my bed and listen to music all day. Listening to Joy Division is an emotional rollercoaster. After hearing the miserable and gothic sounds they created, it was like someone was using music to show how I was feeling.

An anthemic song? Why does it get your pulse racing?

The Jam - That's Entertainment

I think it's the lyrics, they just sum up all aspects of life and things that most people can relate to or will at some point in their life. It just sums up working class life in a catchy and memorable way.

Best song to end an all-nighter?

Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger

For me there is something special about a group of people singing their hearts out as one. You can hear the first chords and that's it, you won't hear the sing again because everyone will be singing so loud over it.

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