New band alert! - Blindness


Friday 29th July 2011

The latter half of the 1980s, and first half of the 1990s, are now regarded as a sort of golden age for the music that we all now generally refer to as 'indie',  'alternative' or the later 'Britpop'. It's a sad fact though, that the majority of those Melody Maker and NME covers, were occupied by a largely white male demographic. A quick Google image search will verify this if you don't believe it. Heartening then, that Debbie Smith (pictured right) who played a prominent supporting role throughout the period, is still making some noise, albeit in a more underground capacity with new band, Blindness.

Now also a well known soul and ska DJ in London, Smith's career has seen her provide guitar and bass for highly influential indie act Curve and britpop chart toppers Echobelly, as well as alt-supergroup Snowpony (with former members of My Bloody Valentine and Stereolab). So, it shouldn't be too surprising that Blindness' sound is centered largely around Smith's broad spectrum, hard swirl of shoegazish guitar sound. This can be experienced to its full degree on their "Confessions EP" - title track below. Find out more about Blindness' upcoming live dates and their new EP at


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