Thursday 28th July 2011

Southampton Mod Poppers 'The Lost Boys' are an unlikely commodity in an age of dance and electro pop syndicates. With the current line up formed a little over a year ago, it's a mystery to how they can mould so amply in such a short time. Their new EP 'Not arf it's...The Lost Boys' showcases what we are sure can only be arf (excuse the pun) of what musical prowess they hold up their sleeves.

Shaun, Jason, Daniel and James head up this young Southampton assembly. Drawing on defined 60's guitar riffs, they clearly have a fondness for the era, managing to replicate but not rip off, maintaining the dignified sound that resonates so fondly. The appeal for many with these guys is their sophisticated look on youth and unrequited love. Daniel has a reflective quality in his voice far surpassing his years. He seems to have a true understanding without taking a bitter stance, a trait often found in many decades older than them. Single plucks on the guitar mirror Daniels vocals until subtle key changes juxtapose bouncing melodies. On one particular track, clever use of a harmonica during the chorus acts as words enough, however, the band know this needs firmly backing up, in which 'La La's' are put in place. This isn't a cheap cop out, but a couragous stance boldly taken as to not detract from the musicianship. 'Not Arf It's...The Lost Boys' will be available to download on itunes and Amazon from Saturday 30th July. Don't worry all you streaming fanatics, Spotify have also attained  the right to play their musings, but without a premium account, only five plays will be allowed, so we strongly suggest you purchase. Enjoy!   'The Lost Boys' live shows are as followed: Soul Cellar - Sep 2nd, Southampton Elixir Bar - Sep 3rd, Camden Soul Cellar - Sep 17th, Southampton Camden Barfly - Oct 7th, Camden


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