The Beatles

Yellow Submarine

Thursday 12th April 2018

To mark the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine', the groundbreaking animated film based on the 1966 song of the same name, the original movie has been restored in digital 4K quality for a cinema release.

Despite owing its beginnings to a less celebrated animated Beatles TV series, with some Beatles fans still turning their nose up at it, not being voiced for the most by the real Beatles members, the film remains a groundbreaking concept, years before the music video age, MTV and YouTube.

Drawing on the artistic zeitgeist of the pop art era, the animated feature proved to be an ideal medium to bring to life the aesthetics of artists such as Peter Blake and Alan Aldridge, becoming one of the most readily accessible artefacts of late 1960s psychedelia and still echoes through popular culture today. From the more obvious influences that the film had on emerging directors such as Terry Gillingham to claims that the John Lennon character's pose on the poster/album cover is the first example of the now ubiquitous rock 'n' roll devil horns hand sign, there is much to be said for the impact the film made at the time and since.

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