The Ram Project


Thursday 28th July 2011

This is an interesting one. A project that is arguably new music, but at the same time something much older, or perhaps even a piece of high concept pop art. Portland's Dave Depper has recorded and toured with many bands as a session musician, most notably perhaps with The Decemberists, but found himself at a creative loose end. The answer? Record an authentic start to finish replica of Paul McCartney's 1971 album "Ram", in his bedroom, in 30 days.

"I was in a rut", Depper explains. "I'd played on and helped produce dozens of different records, but I'd had yet to follow through with completing anything of my own. I knew that I needed to do something - anything - to prove to myself that I was capable of finishing something that I'd started".

Over the course of a month, Depper began obsessively recreating the record with a couple of guitars, a keyboard, a Rickenbacker bass (obviously), and a laptop. Lacking drums, he borrowed a kit from a friend and, having only one microphone, recorded each drum individually. Vocalist Joan Hiller stepped in to lend her female voice for Linda McCartney's prominent harmony vocals. Depper posted the twelve songs to his blog, one by one upon their completion. The consensus from listeners was that the resulting recording was something quite new, whilst being eerily similar to the original, and before long there were offers to release the project as an album officially. Listen to the opening track "Too Many People" below. So there we have it. "The Ram Project" will be released 22nd August, via City Slang in Europe and Jackpot Records in the US, and is certainly one of the most charming records you'll hear this year, and one of the most eccentric in its conception. For more on Dave Depper go to

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