November 2022

Meet Street Artist Pegasus

Known for his graffitied depictions of popular culture figures, street artist Pegasus unveils his new work of Amy Winehouse in his beloved Camden.

Amy has been a prominent feature in your work for many years – what is it about her that’s so special to you?

Amy was my lightning spark. I've always said I owe all of Pegasus to Amy. I had met Amy several times, many of which were chance meetings and Amy was always very real with me, that's why I had to honour Amy as A Fallen Angel from the very start.

Camden and Amy are undeniably linked. What does Camden mean to you?

It's so very true! Camden Parkway is where I first met Amy, it's where she pulled up with her guitar and just started to sing, no pretence at all, and to me, that is what the real Camden vibe is all about.

What are your favourite Camden spots?

There are a couple of special locations which will always remain private to me, however Camden Lock is undeniably beautiful throughout the years, but especially in Winter.

You have a new Amy piece in Camden. What is your thought process when it comes to your portrayal of her, and which side of Amy are you hoping to portray in the new piece?

Over the years I have painted Amy in Camden a fair few times, even launched ‘A Family Portrait’ exhibition with the Jewish Museum in Camden. Amy has so many iconic looks, doesn't she? I always tend to portray Amy with a soft expression paying particular attention to those beautiful expressive eyes. This time I wanted to portray the cheeky playful side to Amy. I think it captures a memory of one of those spontaneous late-night Camden meets.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation was set up in the singer’s name over 10 years ago. What do you think of the incredible legacy she’s left behind?

It is a legacy that was very real. So many people felt that they could connect with Amy throughout her career. To still be able to hold great presence, especially in today's society, really speaks incredible volumes within itself. The incredible work the Amy Winehouse Foundation does as well as the opportunities they give to many vulnerable people in Amy’s name is so admirable. Always Amy.