Personal Development at Fred Perry

We’re an ambitious brand, collaborating with some of the best designers and partners in the world. But we’re only as good as our employees, so we look to attract people who are passionate with diverse backgrounds and experience.

Our head office is in the heart of London. It’s where everything happens from Design, Product Development, Customer Service and Operations. We have over 200 shops around the world, from Glasgow to Brighton, Paris, New York, Shanghai and Tokyo to name a few.

We value the career and personal development of our employees. We invest in leadership and coaching programmes that are aimed at upskilling our Directors and Senior Management team. This gives them the tools and skills needed to become effective leaders.

Our first group of apprentices will soon complete the Team Leader L3 programme, which helps them understand the principles of management and leadership, how to manage a team to achieve results and managing projects. They will also obtain a certificate from The Chartered Management Institute upon completion.

Through this apprenticeship programme, we introduced mentoring which gives the leaders of tomorrow the opportunity to gain great insight and knowledge from established leaders within the company.

We will continue to offer apprenticeship programs across all our teams.

Over 50% of our workforce attended Lean Six Sigma training in 2019 and we are committed to offer this again as soon as we can deliver it safely in a physical space.

Future of Flexibility at Fred Perry

From Monday 29th March 2021, the official ‘stay at home’ guidance was dropped by the UK government. But what does that mean for us and our office teams?

Our first priority is still everyone’s health, physical and mental. We advised our teams that if they wish to, they can now travel to the office and work from there as much as they’d like. Our Head Office facilities team have done an amazing job making the office a very safe and welcoming place to be and our Covid safety measures will remain in place.

Going forward, where our teams want to spend their working week, is ultimately down to them. We have all seen how the trust the company placed in everyone for the past year was rewarded. We’ve demonstrated that we can work from anywhere, and it means that now the office is one of those places. Each employee understands their role and its responsibilities and therefore can decide where they work best from across their week or calendar.

A better work/life balance is paramount to everyone, that’s been made clearer than ever this year. Therefore it’s paramount to us as a company to continue to offer that to everyone. We all, in our respective roles are on a journey to find the most suitable and most rewarding balance of continuing to work flexibly.

The Head Office will continue to become more and more of a brand hub where we can all connect, physically and emotionally.