Diode & Rick Holland - "Open Blue"


Monday 17th October 2011

Some refreshingly original work has come to our attention, in the form of this very impressive collaboration between Old Man Diode and Rick Holland. Featuring the wonderful Beth Rowley on vocals, "Open Blue" is the first offering from the Diode and Rick Holland project, with future planned releases featuring the talents of Chris James (lead vocalist with Ninja Tunes' Stateless), Onallee (vocalist with Roni Size's iconic drum and bass troupe Reprazent), and multi-instrumental  jazz composer and vocalist Andrew Plummer. The track is a heady mix of Diode's unconventional beats, industrialised synth noise arpeggio, and the soulful longing of Rowley's vocal, that bodes well for the tracks yet to surface. The tension of the track is visualised brilliantly, in the form of a slick, semi-aquatic, subtly gravity defying video, featuring Beth Rowley in the starring role, which you can watch here... Poet, Rick Holland, recently collaborated with musical maven, Brian Eno, on Warp Records releases "Drums Between The Bells" and its sister EP "Panic Of Looking", about which we'll have more news soon. "Open Blue" is released through upcoming Dalston label WW Music on the 21st November, 2011. Find out more about the project at www.facebook.com/Old-Man-Diode and follow the thoughts of Rick Holland on Twitter at @RickHollandPoet.


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