Friday 15th November 2013

Guiem is the moniker of Guillem Pascual (1978). It means "we shall lead" in catalan.

Established in Barcelona, Spain, he starts producing in 1997 for some commercial eurodance labels, having little success. In 1998 he releases his first EP with his own party-goer alias, BombJack. Always a self-taught man, he gets hardly into VSTs and digital audio via PC and Cubase as well as some external gear from Korg and Roland. After his first EP -this time with moderated local success- he releases an album with So Dens, the record label managing all things concerning SÛnar, having good critics and reviews. One year after a second Long Play was planned but the record label became unexistant.

After some years of tumbling down and a sense of a lost musical career, he starts building his own sound with help from some closer friends and fiancÈe. It consisted of ambient spaces, lush electronica, arpeggiated blissness and indie-pop influences (read: Morr Music, City Centre Offices, Merck, Carpark Records, Warp, Type Recordings, Involve).

From 2011 to present he develops a two-sided underdog career as Guiem and refurbished BombJack, the first consisting of neo-classical, ambient, lo fi and techno. BombJack is yet to come.

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