Mux Mool - 'Planet High School'


Thursday 16th February 2012

Minnesotan electronic producer Mux Mool has gone and given us a follow up to his highly acclaimed debut album Skulltaste. With the pressure firmly on him to trump the aforementioned LP, we take a look at Planet High School to see how his genre defying sound has evolved.

When we mention 'genre-defying', it is due to not being able to put a finger on exactly what it is this man creates. The foundations are typically Hip-Hop, but layers of synth funk dominate just as much, in turn, encroaching slightly into Flying Lotus territory. We are looking at a master of overlays. Transcendental chimes touch on the orient, whilst percussion is chopped of early to ease the synth on ever so slightly. He occasionally delves into double time, bordering on Drum & bass, but drops back before entering fully into said style. Like Dub, his beats veer slightly off, but reverts back on the break. It's as if he doesn't want to fully commit, but by doing so, enters into a whole new territory, dominated by him and him alone.

Planet High School may not be as 'specific' as his debut, but it is full of surprises, fresh at every turn, keeping you guessing, and most certainly happy. Planet High School was released through Ghostly International earlier this month.



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