Abi Wade - 'And Blood and Air' EP


Thursday 24th November 2011

Who would have thought that a female Cellist could excite us so much? In fact, it is so good that we felt the need to tell everyone as soon as we could. This artist has appeared seemingly from nowhere and rocked our expectations, making us very glad indeed that we are one of the first to hear Abi Wade's Dulcet tones, and, well, it has made us feel very special. So, if you are feeling melancholic and in need of something soothing, read on to experience exactly what we mean.

Brand spanking new Brighton label Love Thy Neighbour formed by one part of Esben & the Witch's have hit the ground running with their first EP release in the form of Abi Wade and 'And Blood and Air'. Being in a "Big Band' when younger, recalling sitting next to the Cellist, with its looming status and enough reverberations to occupy Waterloo station gave this artist instant kudos over here at Subculture. Kudos before hearing though is risky business, so we though it best to have a listen and see if intrigue turned into something detrimental in our playlist.

It may seem old hat, techniques such as using a bow on your guitar; however, to see a Bass Drum Beater used on a Cello is definitely new to us. This is no gimmick to hide behind, or draw people in, it is a skillful, thought through use to create a sound potentially otherwise impossible to get out of her instrument. Abi's voice soars and fluctuates beautifully and accordingly. Limited in instruments, (apart from her bass drum, accentuating her passion) her vocals fill any starkness. She is warm yet intense in her delivery. If seen before heard, one would most likely misconceive exactly the grand presence and atmosphere she creates.

It really does give us great pleasure to introduce to you an artist such as Abi. Long may she produce such simplistic originality. Oh, and if this article doesn't convince you, the video below certainly will.

Available for purchase this coming Monday, November 28th.


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