Alina Devecerski


Thursday 7th March 2013

Alina Devecerski’s ”Flytta på dej” became the super hit of the year (reaching the number one position of the hit lists of Sweden, Norway and Denmark). High profile gigs at the Hultsfred, Peace & Love, Emmaboda and Storsjöyran-festivals catapulted the 29 year old wonder from Sundbyberg to the very top. The music as well as the artist owned all environments: headphones, radio, club floors and major live stages.

For Alina, the trip has been like a rollercoaster, a riot, a rebellion filled with passion and an immortal love of music. After countless hours in the studio writing material for and backing up other artists, a will to create something of her own emerged.

It’s been a fantastic learning experience to write for others throughout the years but deep down inside I’ve always dreamt of finding myself as an artist. It’s a very special thing to be on stage with your own songs and sharing them with the audience. You communicate on totally different levels.

Her album Maraton delivers powerful pop that communicates on many levels. The basis is riff-based electronica, with direct lyrics about sadness and joy, inner demons, relationships, love and hate. Filled with an in-your-face-attitude, stripped and impossible to not start dancing to. Alina has found her way and that it works, we’ve all been able to experience during 2012.

Summer’s been totally awesome, says Alina. The meetings with audiences that give direct response to my music have been incredible. It’s been inspiring in so many ways.

Honest lyrics about life slide into the music written by herself and co-composer/co-producer Christoffer Wikberg. And they stick inside your head. Stripped bare, sincere, naked and with all of those undefinable things that characterise perfect pop. You listen and you’re hooked. Alina joins a line and tradition of Swedish artists with attitude, style and lots of integrity, but at the same time completely timeless. She mentions bands like Kent and Familjen as examples that have been influential.

Maraton is about emotions, about phases of life but also about daring and giving up doubting yourself. It’s my way of expressing myself. I even feel sick if I don’t write new songs. It’s that important. That’s how I find out who I am. I don’t really talk that much otherwise, says Alina.

After great exposure in VICE and in Swedish media throughout 2012, Alina now becomes even more visible this autumn. Maraton is a pearl consisting of bared nerves and emotional honesty. Alina herself, with her characteristic energy and presence, is like electric fireworks all over the Nordic night sky.

In January 2013 she was nomninated for no less than 3 Grammis  (Grammy in Sweden) and 2 P3 Gold Aawards.

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