Anomie Belle


Thursday 10th November 2011

Seattle-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and film composer Anomie Belle returns, teaming up with hip-hop MC Mr Lif (The Perceptionists, Thievery Corporation) for her new single “Machine” which will be released November 14th on her own label; Anomie Belle Records.

The third track off new album “The Crush” released on September 13th of this year is an enticing piece of work. Toby Campbell’s (Anomie Belle) vocals are reminiscent of a sensitive Cerys Matthews of Catatonia in tone, uttering lyrics that bare high relevance to the contemporary economic climate and furor. In “Machine,” Anomie and musical partner Mr Lif dish out harsh criticism of the enormous discrepancies in wealth, avarice, oppression and poverty that characterise modern society. “We create systems that justify our greed, embody culture that makes it easy to believe that hollow pleasures and the lassitude of wealth are not days squandered on fixation with yourself,” Toby sings. This is a stirring song, fantastically produced and dressed in an outfit of elegance surrounding two critical and conscious individuals. Nick Otter.


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