Bajram Bili


Thursday 30th October 2014

After two EP's, You're A Ghost In A Tipi and Sequenced Fog, Adrien Gachet aka Bajram Bili returned with the single Sky Osc Dealer / Hondartza, on which he continued the musical exploration to more experimental lands started Sequenced Fog.

"Fully electronic pieces "Sky Osc Dealer" and "Hondartza" were recorded in near-live conditions and reflect, therefore, that offers Bajram Bili onstage for some time already. "It now evolves in this mixture of electronica, krautrock and psychedelic sounds, alternating sequences very glibly' salvage ' and more repetitive beaches.

On this new single, Bajram Bili wished to focus on the rhythmic side, without renouncing to the often melancholic character of the melodies to which he was accustomed. Result? Securities made to dance with the head, eyes closed but also with the entire body, trance is never far away.

Bajram Bili the announcement itself: other pieces, in the same State of mind, are recorded. It will be broadcast soon, in a form that remains to be defined. A new live set is currently in preparation.


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