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Thursday 16th January 2014

With a background as a drummer in the reggae and ska band ”Teknisk Uheld” Tobias has formed the foundation for his onward journey into the musical landscape. But before the time when Tobias joined the eight-piece orchestra, most of the time was spent drumming on his own, whether it was behind the drums with his favourite tunes in his headphones or all thinkable surfaces in his parentsʼ house. During his time as a drummer his interest for other types of music grew. Meanwhile, he was introduced to DJ-culture via reggae events in Copenhagen. It was also through the reggae music that Tobias was introduced to Drumʼnʼbass. With this genre, Tobias decided to produce music under the name of Beastie Respond. Particularly it was mixes from the legendary label Renegade Hardware that inspired Tobias.

When dBridge and Instra:mental later on launched the Autonomic-concept, Tobiasʼ perspective on electronic music in general was further widened. This concept tried to break with dogmatic genre perceptions, which for Tobias opened up to other styles and trends in electronic music.

Over a two-year period, Beastie Respond was a resident DJ at the now-defunct Dunkel Bar in Copenhagen. His residency named OTTOMAN hosted a series of the Drumʼnʼbass genresʼ significant names including dBridge, Instra:mental, Loxy, Rockwell and Commix. Later on, the musical spectrum was broadened and also names like Rustie, Com Truise and Boddika paid a visit to the small club.

Through these events Beastie Respond created ties abroad where several of the visiting DJs started playing the music of the young Copenhagener in their sets and on their radio shows.

In the summer of 2011, Beastie Respond released his debut 12” entitled “Syncopy” through the Danish label Teal Recordings. The A-side “Syncopy” was in the very last episode of the Autonomic Podcast.

Hereby, Beastie Respond achieved to appear on the same platform which, at the time, was also a great source of inspiration for him.

On the b-side “Syncopy” was remixed by Blawan, who is one of the greatest exponents of the British techno music right now. This meant that the release attracted attention from across the club scene. The remix received airplay on British radio when Modeselektor guested Pete Tongs The Essential Mix and when Blawan guested Mary Ann Hobbs show on XFM. Since his debut release, Beastie Respond has been working on his first LP where he really manifests his unique musical expression. The culmination of the past yearsʼ work is in May 2013 where the album entitled “Fictitious Nostalgia” is released.

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