Caan - 'Every Little Thing'


Wednesday 14th March 2012

Former Ou Est Le Swimming Pool member Caan is about as individual as they come. Having neatly transferred the Synth pop flame over to his pseudonym persona, he has allowed himself to tinker, adding slightly haunting ingredients to the mix.

Touching on early 80's electronic movements, Caan keeps things as subtle as he likes on his new track 'Every Little Thing'...Well, everything apart from the resounding lyrics. This is a true story of want, determination and as soppy as it is, love. Even though sparse, they have deeply touching effects, and this scanty style may be the reason for that, cutting to the point and allowing his words to cut right through you.

The music itself sits very much adjacent with his vocal style. Pulsating, soft synth pads trend throughout, laying a tidy foundation in which mellow piano croons gently over. Somehow, this hits hard yet remains understated, a very difficult thing to achieve.

With Caan set to release an album very soon, you can expect a lot of hype over the varying music websites, especially our own. Keep your ears to the ground for more news.

For now though, feast your ears on his new single, plus a compilation of remixes to keep you going.

'Every Little thing' is available for purchase on March 19th through Camouflage Records.

Caan - Every Little Thing by Camouflage Recordings


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