Candy Says


Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Candy Says is a new band with a new sound and a determination to do things its own way. Lead singer Juju teamed up with Ben Walker, Eliza Zoot and Mike Monaghan in the summer of 2012 and set about recording an album in the garage of Ben and Juju’s bungalow. The result is a lo-fi chic pop sound influenced by Juju’s french roots.

Having been signed to a major label (Universal/Island) Juju felt that she wanted to create something closer to her heart, closer to home. “I feel like I have finally found something to feel inspired by, something to strive for and something that I believe in once again. I have that same magical feeling about what I am doing now that I had when I first started writing songs.” The rest of the band were drawn in by her musical vision, and Juju's fans are rallying in support of this new musical adventure.

It sounds like a garage band recording a version of an electro band playing Velvet Underground songs. They recorded the entire album in their garage with two microphones, some dusty instruments and an old laptop, but the end product is a flawless production that captures Juju’s quirky imagination and unexpected twists and turns.

It’s pop, but with a real focus on the finer intricacies of the music, which boasts complex arrangements to keep the sound fresh. At times the beat is almost tribal, and at others it’s layered with melodies, the sounds and vocals harmonising and blending until picking out each element becomes impossible.

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